Mobile Dmx Controller

Are you looking for an innovative system to control your dmx machines?

Try our Android application and create your shows directly on your Mobile or Tablet.

You will not have to use any Router or Internet Connection, you will only need to buy our magicBoxDmx to get rid of the dmx cables partially or completely.


Basic Usage

Use Only One Unit AP512.

To allow communication between smartphone and lights you need to use our magicBoxDmx boxes, you can start by choosing only one AP512, a box that generates the wifi network independently and has a dmx output on XLR 3 pin, you can use all the machines you want, you just have to use the dmx cables

  • 512 dmx channels.
  • ArtNet Compatible.
  • 5V DC by USB cable


Advanced Usage

Use More Units Add Mash 512 Units.

If your machines are distant or positioned in places where you cannot pass dmx cables, or if you want to speed up assembly times, we can extend the system by adding other devices, which allow you to cut the dmx cables between the machines, a complete kit includes 4 Mash 512 which allows you to have 4 independent dmx points.

  • 512 dmx channels.
  • ArtNet Compatible.
  • Powered by USB socket.


Check our Features


Manage 24 macchine independently. All the dmx channels are grouped by type like Intensity,Strobe,Pan,Tilt,Red,Green,Blue,etc...


with magicBoxDmx you can use all dmx universe.


Fixtures and Shows, move your user library throw different devices.


Find Out your fixture in our remote cloud, if you will not find it, send an email, we are going to create it for you.


Create many project. Save them on your PC or upload it on our Cloud, we offer an easy way to create remote Backup.


Find out how is simple store a static scene or create an Auto Movement with many templates.


Manage the oscillators and create your own auto movement, all your machines will be in sync.


Use the RGB Template and create fade out, or smooth color transition, Random Color change, all in sync.


The Main Screen show you 10 Chases of 10 Scenes for each. Change the Play option, LOOP, SINGLE, RANDOM.



Use the Login function to unlock all the services. Save your project on remote Cloud, Download the Projects on a new Tablet.

Color Picker


Create you custom color, mixing the 3 components RGB. You will change the color with one slider also if you have different products with different Brand.

Main Screen


Change the dmx value of each channels, create group of function type, store your custom scene, play a cue list.

Cue List Play


Change Speed and Fade Time between different Scenes, decide if you want a smooth transition or an immediate changes.

Position Picker


Use the touch pad for move your moving heads, use FINE attribute for move the machines slowly.

On Line Services


Upload or download your projects using our remote Cloud. If you don't have time to plan, you can purchase a show, email us, make an appointment, and together you will create something spectacular.


Check our Pricing



Once powered it creates a secure wifi network called magicBoxDmx.

  • 512 canali dmx.
  • 5VDC throw USB Socket
  • XLR 3 pin
  • Internal Access Point
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MESH 512 Kit


4 MASH 512

  • 512 dmx channels.
  • 5VDC throw USB Socket
  • XLR 3 pin
  • AP,Client,Repeter



battery version of our MESH 512 box

  • 512 dmx channels.
  • 10 Hours Battery
  • XLR 3 pin
  • Battery Indicator
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**Free Shipping in Europe, contact the support for USA shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, you need only 1 magicBox Dmx AP 512.
    This unit create a custom wifi network with password protection.

  • No, the initial configuration ends, the system does not need the Internet network to work.

  • No, you can also use an old android phone, without a sim card.

  • Yes, the boxes must be powered by USB socket.
    If you want to speed up your installation and cut the power cables you can try the Battery version.

  • No, our application works only on Android systems, but our Boxes are compatible with all Apps that use the Art-Net protocol such as (Luminair) for ipad.

  • With our app you can control 24 devices independently, but if you use another application the limit is 512 dmx channels.

  • Yes, you can use any device equipped with a WiFi card and an Art Net compatible software

  • No, each magicBoxDmx supports 512 dmx channels and can be linked with dmx cables to multiple machines.

  • Of course, the important thing is that it supports the dmx protocol.

  • Below 100 meters in free air, the distance decreases if there are obstacles.

  • On each box there is a status LED, if this LED flashes quickly, it means that the wifi network is connected and the tablet is transmitting ArtNet data. If the LED is fix, it indicates that the system is powered but there are communication issue, check if it is connected to the magicBoxDmx wifi and that the app is active.

  • Yes, but limited to the first 24 dmx channels, without a regular license it is not possible to use all 512 dmx channels. The license is obtained by purchasing at least one AP512.

  • If you do not find your fixture, send us the manual and we will add it to our Cloud, furthermore the app allows you to create the fixtures directly on the device.

  • Use OnLine Services, upload all your content from the old Tablet to our Cloud and after download it on a new Tablet.

  • Yes, you can use two magicBoxDmx AP512 with different SSID and connect each tablet on the own box. You can not use two tablet on the same box.

  • You can buy magicBoxDmx directly here on the site, go to the buy section and choose the kit that’s right for you.

  • If some concept is not clear to you, you can send an email